Update Thursday- Slow Week

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Hello ladies!

I’m back with some updates this Thursday. It’s crazy to think this week has gone by kinda fast. So if you’re new to the blog, I write about my updates on a weekly basis and it basically covers things I’ve failed at, things I’ve accomplished and a book or books i’m reading in the hopes that it may inspire you to start your own journey.


  • The Ladyboss Blogging Mastermind Facebook Group has been doing well. We have 6 active members (which is great, I was only shooting for 5 because Masterminds shouldn’t be too big)
  • Set a date to get my mentorship started with my new mentor (so excited!!)
  • Finally have made a huge amount of progress on my website (all by myself thank you very much)
  • Made some great lady connections that will be awesome when I start my podcasts, they have already agreed to be on the show as guests.


  • Haven’t written my book
  • Have been waking up late
  • haven’t been strict with my veganism

Books I’ve read this week:

  • Harry Potter and The Cursed Child ( I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, but if you have read this book..omg..so much to say. Let’s discuss)
  • Think and Grow Rich (again)

What about you? How has your week been?


Let’s Talk- Real Talk

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Hey Ladies!

How’s it going? Really? I want to know. I share so much on this blog about my own life that I don’t ever stop to wonder how yours is going.

If you’ve been following me for a while, then you know that I’m training to become the best business coach for women out there and I’m a huge fan of helping all kinds of people. Although I focus on women, the advice I give can be used by men to apply in their own businesses.

Lately i’ve released information you guys have wanted. You asked how I blog consistently, every day I say I am going to blog, and I delivered my secret: a How-To Guide to Creating A Content Calendar.

Not long after that I gave a 45 min lecture at my old school on Best Social Media Practices and received a ton of feedback on what kind of resources women new to business wanted and I created a free worksheet on the top 16 blog writing ideas that are proven to work, for almost any kind of blog.

But really, I want to take a moment and just talk to you.

Whether you’re a guy or a lady, let’s chat.

What’s your biggest struggle in your business or blog right now?

You have nothing to loose, and everything to gain.

Tipsy Tuesday- Pokemon Go, Should I Be Writing About This? Plus A List Of Proven Blog Ideas

 Tipsy Tuesday- Pokemon Go, Should I Be Writing About This? Plus A List Of Proven Blog Ideas

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Hello Ladies!

Today’s tip comes from a struggle bloggers face all the time. Whether you are blogging for fun, for a company or for business, the struggle of finding the right topics to blog about or even just the right kind of post can be a challenge.

I’ve been seeing a ton of Pokemon Go posts and when something is trending there is a huge urge to jump on that bandwagon and go with the flow. It’s hard to decide whether or not that is a good idea sometimes.

I personally wouldn’t write about Pokemon Go even if it was something I could relate to my business or blog, but I did write a post on Game Of Thrones once. It’s a fine line you have to walk if you want your business to be taken seriously and part of walking that line is knowing when to jump into the trend and when to not. For me personally Pokemon Go wouldn’t fit, but it may for you.

In general, a good rule of thumb would be to write content your audience can always relate to and make sure you are always providing value. As with my Games Of Thrones reference, I added value and answered a question for my audience and I received a great response.

Because I know how it’s sometimes difficult coming up with ideas, I’ve compiled a worksheet for you below of blog ideas that in general do really well for a wide variety of subjects. I’ve used many of these ideas myself and others I’m waiting to use. Feel free to share, copy or print the worksheet to have it handy when writing your next blog post.

What kind of blog posts do you like reading the most?

blog post ideas (1).png

Remember ladies! You go this.

Big Idea Monday-Outside The Box Thinking

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Big Idea Monday-Outside The Box Thinking

Hello Ladies!

I hope your weekend was amazing and productive. I was thinking today would be a little different of a Big Idea Monday. Recently I gave a 45 minute lecture on social media at my old college and I was asked to talk about my how I got a job in social media, which even now, is not that easy to get.

It’s funny because at the moment I was doing everything to be in social media, I didn’t realize how much I was really doing.

My last year of school I was the president of the fashion club and the main content editor and creator of my school’s fashion blog on top of the classes I was taking for my fashion degree.This is the year I really learned how to take on a LOT of a workload. I thought I had been lazy by only working full time and going to school, but as it turns out, I could handle a lot more than that but only if those were things I wanted.

I remember shyly asking on of my professors if I could take care of our blog and they said yes, it was fine. She was relieved to have someone that could dedicate time to it and I knew that I wanted to try and either get a job in fashion or social media after graduation.

Well things happened, I ended up working for free on the fashion blog for a year. I called it free work.This is different than freelancing and internships.

Most people think that to make it in their desired field they can only work in it, freelance or get an internship but what if you  can’t get any of those opportunities? What if no one wants to hire you, even part time, or for free, to do something? That was my case, all the internships were at a time I had to be at my job that paid the bills and I was highly unqualified for any social media job out there. No one wanted me to freelance for them and instead of giving up on my dream I took on the only thing i could take on: free work. This basically means work that you love doing and is possibly a field you want to be in. This is free work but you get a ton of value from it.

I worked tirelessly on my school’s fashion blog for a year. I researched, came up with content and when something didn’t work, I tried a new angle. I redesigned the blog and made it more friendly, and I pouted my heart into it. When I wasn’t working or going to school, I was obsessed with the blog. It worked. Soon people started noticing and our little blog went from 60 views a day to 500. It grew to levels I didn’t think it would ever grow and I was so happy.

Fast forward to when I finish school and suddenly the company I worked for was sold off. They laid everyone off. I went looking for work everywhere and I found nothing. I was offered many pity jobs from friends and family but I knew that I had to decline them.

I was severely judged for my reaction. My parents and I had a falling out even. They couldn’t believe I would reject a job that was being practically handed down to me just to wait to find a job I wanted to work in – in a field I had never worked in before. They said I should take what I could now and look for my dream job later.

Ladies, that is pure bullshit. You should never do that. Don’t waste that company or your time unless you severely need a job, as in I’m going to be out on the street tomorrow severe. If you know what you want and you believe you can do it, you will make it happen.

The day I found the company I work for I:

  • was planning my wedding
  • was running out of unemployment in exactly one week and had no other income coming in
  • Did not believe in myself (but did not refuse to look for work in my field either)
  • had faced 60 rejections
  • did not know what I was going to do in exactly one week when I ran out of money

It was tough, needless to say. But a previous teacher of mine found me through linked in and suddenly there it was: the opportunity I had been waiting for.

I looked at the requirements and realized I was incredibly under qualified. I tried anyways. I wrote the most amazing cover letter I had ever written and sent off my measly resume and I got a response. The interview was set, all I had to do was wow them.

I came at it with everything I had. Examples upon examples of things I had written, done and stats. I wanted my resume to be something I showed them, not some list of things I never wanted to do again.

And I didn’t get the job. I was instead offered a brand new position that in my eyes, was much better. They tailored a position for me, it was not the other way around.

I am so grateful and excited to be working where I do, doing something I so adore, but I always look back and am reminded of the fact that it all started with free work.

Had I not written for my school’s blog my old teacher wouldn’t have recommended me to work for this company and where would I be now?

So ladies, think outside the box. Make opportunities for yourself, even if at first, that means not getting paid. Give it your all and you will be rewarded.

Have you ever experienced something like this? What’s your story of success?


Update Thursday- I Have A Lot Of Questions About This Week

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Update Thursday- I Have A Lot Of Questions About This Week

This past week has been wonderful and crazy all the same. For the last two weeks i’ve been in a state of weirdness. Like I’ve been guided slowly to certain things. It’s like an instinct I guess, or maybe a driving force, but I  feel that for the last two weeks i’ve either achieved everything I’ve set out to do perfectly or I’ve just been at the right place at the right time. I guess I really start to question yourself when things are going pretty great (anyone else do this?) but i feel like this feeling has come for an open place in my heart and mind.

I’ve opened up an area of new opportunities and I embrace new things that come my way.I also strive to just be great always and I try to let go of as much negativity as possible. I don’t like being negative, I don’t like holding onto grudges and I definitely want to be as much good and kind as I can, but it’s tough sometimes. You can’t stop feelings from arising or thoughts from populating.

But I do have a way to keep me centered…whenever I feel bad, sad or mad at someone or a certain outcome, I try and stay positive and change my thinking. Everything is a learning experience. So instead of getting angry I will usually say to myself, “well thank you so and so, I learned a really valuable lesson here” sand I will typically repeat the lesson I learned as well, to ensure I’m not just saying this out of anger, and reinforce that whatever happened was good because something good came out of it.

Either way, these last 2 weeks have led me to many wonderful paths and I’ve been taking a ton of action, I cannot wait to tell you about it.


  • Someone on Linked In endorsed me and I thanked them and then we got to talking and I, out of the blue, asked him if he knew a good mentor. He said he might be able to help and would get back to me by the end of this week.
  • Gave my lecture/speech at my old college and it was AMAZING. It was so rewarding to see younger minds than myself take what I said in and engage.
  • I decided to monetize the speech slides I created for my lecture , it was a 45 minute lecture and I brought so much value that I think others can use. But I also gotta pay bills..so…monetizing it is!
  • Got all the info I need to start preparing my class with The Makery
  • Traffic has been insane- Thank you so much for your support, comment, ideas and admiration. I appreciate and read and respond to everything.
  • Instagram traffic has stalled, but i’m trying something new this week that may help increase stats. Remember..always be improving!


Even in a perfect week, I feel like I could’ve done better. Here is a list of things that I feel like I didn’t do my best at this week.

  • Still not able to make the full commitment to get up at 5 am like I used to. It bugs me to high hell but my husband has been working on his play and will get home between 11 and midnight and I know it sounds silly but I can’t sleep without him so I end up staying awake as well. Last night I only got 4 hours of sleep and so I definitely let my alarm go when I heard it at 5 today.
  • my website- I haven’t worked on it and the person I hired to help hasn’t really done so in 3 weeks…its frustrating, but I go this!
  • my book- it’s going very slowly. I haven’t worked on it as much I would’ve wanted this week.
  • my diet- its getting better from last week but i’m still not 100% vegan with it, i will have small amounts of dairy here and there..so..i gotta work on that fo sho.

Book Of The Week

Welcome to my exciting new section of updates! I hope you like it.

This week I’m reading ” The 10x Rule” and I gotta say, I really fought it hard when I first started reading it. I did NOT like it at all. A lot of what the book preaches is just not what I believe and when something goes against your believes it’s just difficult. I told myself I would keep an open mind and get through the book no matter what. So far, so good. I’m on route to finish it by tomorrow and next week i’ll have to update you guys on whether I liked it or not.

What are your updates & failures? Are you reading anything share-worthy?

Competition In The Entrepreneurial Space


Competition In The Entrepreneurial Space

Just like the workspace, people think there’s a ton of competition on the road to becoming and entrepreneur.

To be fair, there is a lot of competition but the good news is that we no longer live in a world where that matters too much.

Should you know what’s out there? Should you know who your competition is? Yes, for sure, but don’t go writing a thesis on them and their practices.

The competition is nothing but that..competition. They are not a threat if you stay true to yourself and never stop giving value, changing with the intention to innovate or provide more value to your customer, and staying true to what your brand delivers.

Basically, do you boo.

The Ladyboss Approach To Success

The Ladyboss Approach To success.png

Hey Ladies!

I hope you are pumped for another amazing weekend!

I want to tell you how excited I am for this weekend because it is going to be extra amazing. My husband is apparently going to surprise me on Saturday with something fun, my girlfriend is coming over tonight and we are hanging out, and on Saturday I have a business meeting with an amazing friend who has agreed to try and help me with my blog website (can I get a hallelujah y’all!)

With all that going on though I do wonder when I will have time to actually work on my business. This is the reason why it is so important to wake up early everyday (even weekends) I can find plenty of time before and after activities. I have also realized that my prime time to do things is before the world is awake (usually between 5am and 6am)

I love taking one hour in the morning for myself and my business goals. I get so much done and I have an amazing husband that does the same (except he wakes up at 4am…..which is crazy to me lol)

So ladies, this weekend, not matter what you have going on, tap into that hustle zone in your mind and hustle.

Here’s your homework for this weekend (thanks to my amazing roommate Miriyha for the idea!) :

  • Write down 25 projects or goals you want to accomplish (no end date)
  • Work on the top 5 goals/projects (allday, everyday)

That’s all! It may sound easy, but this isn’t going to be like your to-do list, this is more like a get down and dirty list.

Although this is something that will take you may weekends to complete, you’re going to be so much further ahead next weekend just by starting this weekend.

Remember- If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Get out these this weekend and hustle like you just lost all your financial support and have to make rent in two weeks. Get.In.That.Zone.

If you’re having trouble finding your ideas or projects, send me a line at dai@themonarchyx.com. You’ll have a chance to be featured on the blog and you’ll get some free coaching..win win.I also don’t mean tot brag, but I have a rather special talent for helping others find theirs.

Updates Thursday

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Hello Ladies!

This week I :

  • started listening to new coaching podcasts
  • kept working on my book- everyday I get a better picture of it coming together
  • became fully vegan and haven’t cheated once
  • been packing my lunch everyday in an effort to control my meals and portions better
  • started waking up at 5:30 instead of 5:00, but will be going back to 5am.
  • someone actually re-posted a picture of mine on instagram, first time ever
  • been seeing activity on Pinterest
  • reconnected with an old friend who wants to help build my website
  • created 2 web friends that are business friends that agreed to support my business any time it launches and vice versa

I wouldn’t consider this past week my biggest success, although i’m proud of my success, it’s just that I don’t feel like I got a whole lot done and it could be my sleep change. But as long as you get something done that helps you move forward with your goals, you’re going to make every week a good week.

Have you reflected on your past 7 days? It makes a huge difference! Remember to send me an email at dai@themonarchyx.com with your story for a chance to be featured on the blog.


Is What You’re Doing Getting You To Where You Want To Be?

Is What You’re Doing Getting You To Where You Want To Be?

Is What you're Doing Getting You To where you want to be- Business ideas 2.png

If you follow or know of byregina.com, a blog that is amazing and you should definitely check out, then you know that she likes to assign what she calls “adult homework.”

I don’t know if it’s because I miss school or something, but i absolutely love adult homework.

On Fridays I like to follow Regina’s lead and assign some weekend homework for those who want to take advantage of something as wonderful as a weekend to get ahead in life. These are always assignments that I’ve personally done and have helped me tremendously. Unlike Regina, though, I like to make my assignments very short and sweet. In my head I call them bite-sized pieces of homework.

Continue reading