Being Real AF


Hey there, 

Let me preface this post by saying it’s not an about page..and you are about to get a close-up look at the real me and what you can expect from this blog. 

So, I’m clearly awesome, but this is the internet and there are quite a few of these awesome people out there. So, let me tell you about my particular strain of  awesome.

I’m Dai, complete name omitted because you won’t spell it right anyways. That is not me being passive aggressive…just real AF. I know..I’ve lived with my name long enough.

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Welcome to Crazy

Hey Guys,

This is DeeCee. I’m starting this blog because

1- I like to blog

2- I need a place to write down all my crazy & often random thoughts

3- I like lists

So , really, i’m keeping it simple here. Check out my about me page for a little sneak peak at the person behind the Imac (i’m name dropping already ? Geesh, that didn’t take long.) Otherwise stay tunned, for some good ol randomness.