I Broke Up With My Lazy Good-For-Nothing Self (Part 1)


Nodding my head to a little bit of Marc Anthony’s “Vivir La Vida” I finally sit down with my favorite writers of Meetup, a group called “Shut Up, Sit Down and Write.” I open a laptop that has done nothing but collect dust for the last two weeks and stare at a New Post blank screen.

“I’m going to do it” is something I have said to myself every day since I got back.”Today is the day I finally sit back down to write”

Well, as my neglected blog knows, that has not happened.

Hey Ladies!!

I have missed you! I confess I returned from Cuba forever ago (about 2 weeks) and haven’t been able to fall back into my routine. Arg, me.

Why? You may ask? Well, a huge combination of things. I feel as if my week being sick right before I left and my week during Cuba was horrible for my routine but ultimately my biggest excuse is my day work.

As some of you may know, I am a Social Media/Marketing specialist. I know things. I handle social media accounts, build strategies, come up with ideas, write blog posts and evaluate stats. Oh, and I create social media images…like a gazillion of them. It’s exhausting but on top of that, I have these damn #goals for myself. Overachiever? No, its more like under-stressed-must-add-more syndrome.

Y’all, I really have missed you. Every day I look at my laptop from across the room and the song “Hello” plays in my head, just long enough for me to turn around and watch T.V.

Truth? I have been little miss lazy pile of bones these last 2 weeks. But I have a TON of updates for you and I am very excited (and happy to say) that I am breaking up with my lazy self.

I should probably pay some bills now, huh?  Maybe later.

Hey, I said I broke up with lazy me, not procrastinator me.

You want to hear a funny story? So, I have not stopped thinking about writing since I stopped. I even took a notebook with me to write ideas that came to me on the plane ride to Cuba (why do I always think that’s a good idea? I just slept.)

So onto the story, the other day I was driving, of all things, and I was thinking about myself literally writing and my hands moving over the keys as I typed and I swear, it got a little steamy in my head. I started to think “you know you’re a writer when you think of typed out words as a sexy time activity.” and I laughed so hard…by myself..in my car..at a stoplight…which would be embarrassing in the 1990s but is just fine today because everyone is just staring at their phones anyways.

So, yeah, sorry if that got weird. I hope we’re still cool. But if it did get weird, I can def. tone it down..when I’m dead (it’s a joke, meant to be funny…I hope we’re still besties.)

So I definitely want us to continue this conversation but I fear this post has already gone on forever and I care about your time. If you want to continue hanging out with me and reading all about mi semana en la Havana (my week in Havana) then you’re in luck because part 2 is going to be all about that…when I write it tomorrow.

If not, how has your week been? Good or bad, rant it out in the comments below. Slay it girl.

I love y’all and I hope to see you for part 2!




Why I Will Never Be Happy Working At My Dream Job

Why I Will Never Be Happy Working At My Dream Job

why I will never be happy.png

Hello LadyBosses,

Um…audience…a word(s). 

As much as I ADORE the person who started Nasty Gal and her amazing book #girlboss…I cannot, in good conscience, say I’m ok with that word or hashtag. All I am saying is that if it had been a man who wrote that, it would’ve just said #boss. No one says #boyboss or even #manboss and we ladies cannot accept that. Now, let’s away with (yes, that is a phrase I am coining…deal with it) “girl boss” and move right along to “ladyboss” because we are a damn classy people and we deserve it.

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Update Thursday- It’s Been Cray

Update Thursday- It’s Been Cray

what to do (1).png

Hello Ladies!

Omigosh. I have been just dying to do a Real Talk blog post in forever and it makes me so sad that I havent been able to! I bring that up now, on my updates post, because I want to talk to ya’ll for just a little bit before I dive into “profesh” mode.

So much has been going on in my personal life that I would love to share & seeing as it’s my own blog you’d think i’d be able to share right? Nope. Aparently I plan too well and if y’all kno0w me the Real Talk posts are the ones I share about my personal life and they’re totally spur of the moment. I promise though…one is coming soon.

Now onto the professional side of me. It’s that time of the week (already?) where I share what went well, what went not so well and what i’m reading in hopes that it inspires you beautiful ladies to kick some butt in your own businesses or blogs and hopefully learn from my mistakes.


  • Blog has been going great- I’m almost at the 100 follower mark.
  • Even days i haven’t felt like blogging i’ve done it (it’s really become a huge habit I suppose)
  • I’ve been helping my husband move up his social media game for his acting career (and we’re seeing a ton of success)
  • I finally launched my Facebook group Ladyboss Blogging. It’s going AMAZING so far, the ladies are really excited to improve, grow and connect together and I cannot wait what the rest of the month brings. If you want to check it out, click here. I am picky about who I let join- you have to be a lady with a blog and also someone who is looking to improve their blog for the better and willing to make the effort to do that, but I will say I’ve yet to deny anyone (I guess you’re all amazing).
  • Hubby & I blocked out our podcast and what we want it to look like
  • I decided I needed to create my own separate from his just for Ladybossses.
  • We’re getting ready yo go to Cuba on vacation at the end of this month and when we come back…oh it’s game time!
  • We’re making a plan for my husband to quit his job so he can pursue his acting full time and i’ll be taking over the financials (kinda scary!)
  • I FOUND A MENTOR! The search is semi-over (i believe there’s room for more than one mentor). My boss is leaving where I day-job, and I asked her to be my mentor and she said she would love to. Her goals and mine are very similarly aligned and she is a super Ladyboss and I know I have just SO much to learn from her, I cannot wait.
  • We’re throwing a party this weekend to celebrate my husband’s end of his 1st play and the start of his second. We’re excited to mingle with the actors and friends, it’ll be very fun.


  • The waking up early thing i’m failing at HARD CORE, but I feel like i’m going through a super slump where I’ve taken on so much that I just need a me-retreat (and i’ll write a little about that in a future blog) where I basically take time to myself and literally get out of town and just work work work.
  • My poor book has been left abandoned at this point. But I don’t believe anything is for naught, while i am not writing it, i am writing all my ideas down and I have almost the entire book mapped out.
  • excercise & veganism are like…not happening at the 100% mark. I’ve been feeling really dizzy lately even though I take all my supplements for being vegan, I’ve had t try to introduce meat here and there. I don’t love it…I’m really not a meat person to begin with, but I do hope it helps.
  • I haven’t read too much this week but i’ve listened to a ton of podcasts on business.
  • My personal life is upside down- haven’t done laundry (what’s that?) or made the bed this past 2 weeks (not counting weekends.) the hubs and I come home and it feels like I work a tad and he goes to his play rehearsal and then he gets home from that and we got to bed and it’s 11pm and we’re like…what happened?

What I Am Reading:

Harry Potter & The Cursed Child – along with what seems like the rest of the world lol. So far i’m not loving it, but it is nice to take a break from business books and let’s face it, if i’m going to take a break it’s gonna be for Harry Potter.

What about you?  How’s it going in your life this Thursday?

Being Real AF


Hey there, 

Let me preface this post by saying it’s not an about page..and you are about to get a close-up look at the real me and what you can expect from this blog. 

So, I’m clearly awesome, but this is the internet and there are quite a few of these awesome people out there. So, let me tell you about my particular strain of  awesome.

I’m Dai, complete name omitted because you won’t spell it right anyways. That is not me being passive aggressive…just real AF. I know..I’ve lived with my name long enough.

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