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Hello Ladies, Lady Bosses, Boss Babes & #girlbosses everywhere!

My story is simple& complex all at the same time: I grew up in Cuba  and at the age of 7 came to the US. I have always been entrepreneurial and had a love for writing & creativity. One of my first notebooks was from Lisa Frank (I was obsessed.)

Every new school year I would drag my mother to the school supplies area in the store and would beg her to buy me new notebooks.

I would then turn them into diaries and scrapbooks, it was my bliss. After years of struggling to find what i wanted to do in college, I majored in Fashion Design in 2015. Then I got my first real job in creative marketing where i actually use my notebook for ideas everyday and developed a huge passion for it.

I have always wanted a company that will allow me to donate 10% of my profits to libraries across the US.

With my coaching and Inspirational notebook business I am hoping to be able to turn my dream of helping others into a reality.



5 thoughts on “About

  1. love your bog, the way you write its as if you’re speaking to me (okay that sounds weird) basically it feels comfortable and fun.


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