Leveling Up: Day 7

I’m going to have to think of a better title for these blog posts but i am a one-track mind lately so the less i have to think about the better I function. Sorry, they’re kind of boring.

Okay first of all i gotta say – wow. I’m really glad that my method for this madness is me hitting that publish button immediately after I finish writing. I’m also sorry if you’ve read day 6 or earlier- these entries are an English major’s worst nightmare. I just re-read them. EEK.

I will try and be better about my mistakes, but I really don’t want to give you false hope here, so I’ll be honest, at 6 am when I’m writing all that matters to my brain is that i type and words come out. Apparently, it doesn’t care about the order, the spelling or even that it’s the correct word for that sentence. So I apologize and totally understand if you want nothing more to do with my blog.

There is ONE good thing about me going back to re-read these entries though. See, the reason i love this system so much is that when i write I get to empty my brain of all the thoughts and stress i am experiencing at that moment. I write and through that, my thoughts go on here and leave my mind in peace and then i completely forget everything. So needless to say, I don’t remember the last thing I wrote. It doesn’t help that I am also half asleep most of the time.

But that being said, I didn’t think I would go back and re-read my posts till much later in my journey and that’s because it’s only day 7. I just don’t feel like there could be any difference. I don’t feel like I could’ve made a dent yet. I’m glad to say i was wrong.

In my first post i talk a little about being depressed. Which -if you know me – that’s a bit of a rarity. I like to joke that i’m too busy to have time for depression and that’s because i tend to take on way tooooo much and then i get stressed and well you know how it is. But as I read through my first post i realize that in 7 days i’m totally changed. i’m not trying to say i cured my depression here, because i never went to the doctor for this depression, it was just me feeling out of whack and down, so who’s to say my so called depression was even real or medically significant. Well not me. So I don’t want to imply that depression can be cured in 7 days by going vegan or anything like that.

I can say though, just going off how I feel on day 7 versus day 1, that it has made a dent.

That makes me SO happy. I – for some stupid reason – have this idea in my head that for something to be effective it has to be executed a certain way for a certain acceptable amount of time. It’s weird and such a flawed thought. Sure, eating a bite of kale once isn’t going to make you bikini ready, but to just assume that 7 days of hard work towards accomplishing something did nothing…is very wrong. Every day i work towards my goals is a significant day, even if it’s for a short period of time.

I think a lot of us have this idea that we can’t work on something until we can only work on that thing.

I’ve been meaning to start this book but I haven’t had the time

I’ve been wanting to write this letter but I’m just so busy

I want a bubble butt but I don’t have any avocados at home. 

(that last one may only make sense to me, but I’ll explain it. It’s because for some reason people with an awesome butt that they worked hard at the gym to get, are always drinking green juice. Seriously. Go to Instagram. I promise – EVERY. SINGLE. PICTURE. if they’re not posing with one leg slightly bent in a way that shows off their butt and holding a glass of green juice in their hands, they are just not living I guess. Anywho- avocado is green and I assume sometimes may even go in green juice)

The point is that if you chip at it every day, every day you’re accomplishing a part of your goal. Not everything has to be accomplished in one sitting.

I think sometimes we forget that. At least I do.

Today I did not work on my goals. I did not wake up early or do the miracle morning. I slept in. I then felt bad the rest of the day, but decided to still do something. I still ate healthy and stayed vegan. I still saved money by bringing lunch to work and i am still writing my blog entry.

I feel like i let myself down today. Because sleeping in isn’t going to pay my bills, or make me a better speaker, or help me change the world. But tomorrow is a new day and I will get back on track.

So tune in tomorrow, to see if I get my Sh*t together



2 thoughts on “Leveling Up: Day 7

  1. I would love to at least be vegetarian…I love animals so much, it really hurts my heart that I enjoy eating them so much. LOL. That sounds awful but it’s the truth. I could never be vegan though, unless I somehow had no choice. I really like cheese and dairy too much. Mostly dairy. But good for you! 🙂 Keep going!


    1. Thank you! Dairy is a big weakness for me too honestly. I still can’t be around mac and cheese. But it’s not so bad. I’ve been vegan before, back in 2014, and i managed to do it for a whole year. I met my husband and then fell off the horse. Men. Lol, jk, it was me hahaha. But i will say, Veganism WORKS for me. I don’t believe it’s for everybody, but i do believe it’s for me. I’m a really picky eater and hate things most people like, like eggs, and so the “sacrifices” you have to make when going vegan are just not that big to me. I do like meat, but not as much as others. I’m just ultra picky honestly, and with veganism i don’t have to be. Except when they add mushrooms to things, yuck. It’s tough, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not the diet that i find tough it’s the cooking and prepping. But I will say, that these days – even a cheese lover like me can find some awesome vegan subsitutes. I really love the fact that it doesn’t hurt animals too, i’d be lying if i didn’t say that’s also my reason for being vegan, but for me personally it also feels right. And I think that when you find a lifestyle that includes a diet that you feel good about, it’s just that much easier to stick with it you know? Thanks for the support! So glad you’re here 🙂

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