Leveling up day 6

Today I only have four minutes so I’m going to make this one Quick. I’m also writing on my iPad so please excuse what will provably be a ton of errors.

So I’ve lost a little over 5 pounds so far. I’m really excited about it.

I don’t think I’ve really shared my process here, so I’ll try and detail it. I have a ton of goals this year and I do believe I can accomplish them. None do I feel are too difficult or unattainable for me, which is the biggest mistake people tend to make when setting goals.

I also have a word of the year: Level Up (yeah I’m a bit of a rebel and chose two words.)

So to make sure that I am completing and attacking my goals daily, I follow the miracle morning routine. It’s a great routine outlined in an awesome book called the miracle morning by Hal Elrod. I highly suggest you check it out if you’re into that kinda stuff.

Basically I’ve never been a morning person, but I can’t deny that for me, the few hours after I wake up are my most productive hours. I just don’t feel like doing anything when I get home from work, you know?

Anywho everyday my routine is this:

I get up 1 hour to 1 hour and a half earlier than I normally would to get ready for work. For me that means 6 or 6:30 am (not too bad, really) and in order to be able to do this without going back to sleep I have to set my alarm clock way out of my reach. It’s really the most important thing here, otherwise I would never get up honestly. I live that snooze life till there’s no tomorrow. Waking up even a minute earlier than I’m supposed to makes me cringe but hey, i gotta do it.

And yeah this includes weekends too. It sucksssssss

But it has undeniably helped. The key to making this a success though isn’t the fact that you are waking up just an hour earlier, it’s what you do in that hour that counts.

I used to think morning people were crazy. I used to think that it was such a waste of a perfectly good sleep, but that’s because if i were to wake up early, i never had a plan of what to do with that time, so of course i felt like it was a waste.

These days my morning routing consists of 6 activities:

-Sit in Silence/Meditate






I divide up my 1 hour between these 6 things and it really helps get my day off to a great start. And you may be thinking how it all ties together into my goals. It looks vague just from that list but it does tie together. Sitting in silence is a rare commodity these days and It’s a great way to start your day without stress. It’s also why it’s important to get up early, as often times that means you’re up before others and the house is silent, allowing you to not be distracted.

When i wrote my affirmations, i also wrote them a specific way. While most people write them as : “I am a great writer, I am a millionaire, I am as successful as Oprah” etc I wrote them as ” I am committed to becoming a great writer by spending 20 minutes a day writing down my thoughts.”

Now those are just examples, snot my actual affirmations, but I hope it helps to illustrate the difference. The first way of doing it is a lie. You are not a great writer yet, and you know that. So you can’t fool yourself, but you can reinforce your commitment to becoming a great writing by identifying actions you would take to do so.

I also have a mood good I use for my visualization portion. It has all the things I want to do, feel or have this year or in coming years. I don’t look to much towards the future, because i know it can change in ways i can’t imagine, but there’s things on it like a house, trips i wanna take, and a focus on my notebook business.

Now the reading part is important. It’s not there so you can just read anything and get away with it. This isn’t middle school, you can’t just show up with a random book to class. To be effective it has to be a book that helps you accomplish a goal. A lot of times we complain how we don’t have time to read and you know what I’ve learned? WE have time to read. If you spend even just a minute reading everyday, depending how fast you read that can be a page or 2 pages you read every day and you can be done with an average book in no time. It’s not about finding the time to do, but about breaking down a task into a manageable timeline. No said you had to read for hours.

And finally writing. This blog is my writing portion and it’s also part of my Leveling up process. I use it to keep me accountable because i hit publish immediately after i finish, which actually gives me a sort of mini panic attack because omg its out there in the world to see. Because of this though, i feel like i am honor bound to write. I don’t know if someone is reading it or not, and that helps me to keep going. I feel like you are all keeping me accountable.

In terms of leaving up, i have a deadline each month. By then end of the month it have to have taken an online course, class or done something that has helped me level up in business, as a manager, or as a speaker. So whether that is giving a speech, going to a conference or taking an online class about learning how to be a better manager, I have to do that by the end of the month each month. It’s gotta be something different every month as well.

Well, that’s it! That’s how i do my thangs.

I have way surpassed my writing time and am totally late for other things. Well thanks for stopping by or not. See ya tomorrow for another exciting installment of “is this the day Dai falls off the wagon or not?” The suspense is killing me.


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