Leveling up – Day 5

Oh hiiii i’m back

i took a hiatus over the weekend which i’m not supposed to do, but i’m okay with it.

This past weekend was my mother’s 50th birthday and we celebrated in such a weird but totally her way, it was really fun. She had a lot of fun, which is what really matters.

I can’t remember if I posted this in the last entry but I lost 3 pounds so far. Yay! My goal is 2 a week so, so far so good! Now i just need to keep it up and i really feel like i will this year.

Much like in the godfather, I made myself an offer that I couldn’t refuse.

If I reach all my goals this year – both personal and weight goals, I will reward myself with a trip to Seattle. It probably won’t be a long trip, like a weekend or something, but I am so excited! I’ve been wanting to visit Seattle for at least 5 years. I even considered seriously moving there. I actually told my husband on our first date that I didn’t want to be dating anyone seriously because i really wanted to move to Seattle. He surprised me by saying “oh wow me too” and we haven’t been apart since. Kinda crazy to think about the fact that we also never moved to Seattle tho. Stupid movies and LA being the movie capital of the world and my husband pursuing his dream of becoming an actor. Lammmeeeee

Time’s up – but basically, I’ve been doing well. Veganism is awesome. Not kicking my ass (although it’s a bit difficult to be around mac and cheese right now.) Other than anything, what i feel is just a serious focus. Idk if it’s the fact that i’ve been taking vitamins or what, but I just feel very focused on my goals and i LOVE that feeling.

Ps- we found our next apartment! It’s in Glendale and we can’t wait to move in about a month! It’s a level up for sure. 😉



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