Day 2 Of Leveling Up

Hi, I’m back. That’s a good sign, right?

Today I woke up kind of late. In truth, I woke up on time to do my miracle morning, but I like to wake up and hour and a half earlier because it can take me a bit of time to be awake, but I think I forgot to set my alarm last night which sucks.

My MIL has been with us since last night and It adds on a layer of challenge, she keeps talking to me when I am trying to focus.

I never realized how much silence I need to do this , but it’s cool. I will need to let her know what my routine is so that i can actually do this because i am not waking up 3 hours ahead of schedule just to get silence.

Although, we are looking at an awesome apartment here in Glendale that looks promising and it’s got some recreational spaces for us to use and it may be just the ticket for our focus. I hope we get it.

In terms of feeling, I feel okay, grumpy, but okay.

Oops, times up!


4 thoughts on “Day 2 Of Leveling Up

      1. Sticking to them?! I have to create them first! Haha! Overall, all is well! I’m getting more focused day by day. Are you subscribed to my blog? Please read my last post, I’d love to stay connected with you!


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