Bringing That Knowledge Wednesdays- Batching

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Hey ladies!

If you have been following my 30 day Miracle Morning challenge then you know that I am on a journey to better myself in order to be of better service to others as a coach and to do something I really love doing.

You know that by reading my Being Real AF post that one of my main goals with this blog is to maintain my integrity, be as raw and real as possible, and help others.

It’s funny how much I have changed in just the last 10 days. I’m constantly learning new things because I try and absorb as much information as possible every day. I listen to podcasts, I read and I follow others like myself.

So on Wednesdays, we have a special information segment so that I can impart that kind of knowledge (#droppingthatbeat). This week the most important thing I learned was how to batch.

Batching is probably a term you have heard before and that is because a myriad of successful people do it. I knew this already, but I wasn’t completely sure on how to go about with the batching. What to batch, what not to batch, when to batch…I had questions!

Luckily, they were answered in the form of a podcast I listen to “The 8 Minute Millionaire” (which I highly recommend.) In case you don’t know, batching refers to doing an activity or task in advance to free up some time for the rest of the week. Tim Ferris from 4-hour Workweek is known for being incredibly efficient and a lot of it has to do with batching and outsourcing.

For example, it is much more efficient for me to spend 4 hours working on my blog posts for the entire week than it is to spend 1 hour each day writing one post. This frees up the rest of my week to focus on other things, like coaching clients or education.

If you’re like me, though, you like flushing out a topic and it’s awesome when someone who you view as your mentor, can share their batching process. Tara and Justin over at 8 Minute Millionaire did just that. They mentioned that as they took on more and more projects they started to batch more effectively and break apart to do so. Basically, everyone’s time is used as effectively as possible. Sometimes Tara will do interviews on their podcast and sometimes Justin will do it. They pay someone to do blog posts and schedule them. They hired a housekeeper and get their house cleaned that way. You see batching isn’t always you doing it yourself, sometimes batching is delegating to someone how to batch for you.

I feel like we have this idea that we have to do it all ourselves, but we don’t. I personally love writing my blogs and I don’t believe I could really hand this over just yet to someone else, but the house cleaning? Oh man, I would have no problem with delegating that to someone that does it as a job and will probably do a better job than me (let’s face it..)

The big takeaway today is to realize that time management is important. Figure out what you can and cannot batch and start there. Make a schedule and stick to it. You will suddenly find free time everywhere. 

Do you batch your work? What’s your favorite method for being effective in your workspace?



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