Today was hard.

I’m not going to lie, ladies, today was a rough day.

I’m feeling overwhelmed, with a wedding in less than a month, with work being as crazy as it is, and all these little things. I don’t even have my decorations done!!

It’s crunch time and I feel like I’m slightly folding under pressure. I hate that feeling. It’s a feeling of despair, of no direction. It feels like being lost in a forest of boxes that you can’t unpack because it’s all books and you have no bookshelves #thestruggle.

Copy of ladyboss.jpg

I feel like calling it quits. I feel like giving up.

I cried when I got home (it’s a wedding side effect) It was great, though, crying is awesome for releasing pent up frustrations and I highly recommend it.

It also has an effect on your fiance. Mine cuddled me up and told me it “was going to be ok,” but results may vary.

I have a love/hate with the words “it’s going to be ok” because it’s akin to borrowing money from someone you don’t know you can pay back. There are too many variables, too many chances for things to go wrong…too much uncertainty. I’m a hard facts kind of girl and today was a no-facts kind of day.

I was having a day and the universe really let me have it. I say that in a good way. At work I was obviously distracted on my phone trying to coordinate with the 7th makeup person I’ve tried hiring for this wedding, it was tough. I don’t feel like my point was getting across and neither did they, I’m sure.

I felt toxicity rising from my pores. Just…no good thoughts, no good feelings, nothing good.

But I was dead wrong. The universe let me have my bad day in peace. My boss went home early, my co-worker gave me incredibly valuable makeup advice, people rooted for me to feel better. They cared. They may not have been happy with my performance today, but they sure as hell cared about how I felt. That means absolutely the world to me.

One of my bridesmaids made it a point to tell me how much she appreciated me, not even knowing what I had going on, and it made a hell of a difference.

So yes, today I had my real ups and real downs but did I give up? No.

Did I reach my daily goal of business building? You bet I did.

When you have decided to make a change for the better, to be in the mindset of a LadyBoss, to be amazing and do good, you do not give up. A boss handles emotions like it was a client..a little give and take.

These are the days that your momentum means the most. You don’t give up on these days, no. These are the days you show your hand, your card up your sleeve and your sly smile.

These days are meant to test you, to challenge you and most propel you.

So lady bosses take it from someone who has stress coming out of her eyeballs-

Takeaway: Whether you run or walk this marathon it doesn’t matter, the finish line isn’t going anywhere.


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