Being Real AF


Hey there, 

Let me preface this post by saying it’s not an about page..and you are about to get a close-up look at the real me and what you can expect from this blog. 

So, I’m clearly awesome, but this is the internet and there are quite a few of these awesome people out there. So, let me tell you about my particular strain of  awesome.

I’m Dai, complete name omitted because you won’t spell it right anyways. That is not me being passive aggressive…just real AF. I know..I’ve lived with my name long enough.

Moving on. I promise not to be ranting about my name issues.

A little bit about me…I’m a social media specialist which really mostly means that I gave myself that title (#respectyoself) because you know, I can…it’s my blog. But what you really need to know is that I am a girl boss. My goals and aspirations are bigger than google and I have 100% decided that I will be “making it” out there. 

All silly seriousness aside, I am really in marketing and in a pretty sweet position too, not to brag. I have (what I like to shout out from the rooftops as) my dream job. If you don’t know what marketing is these days, it’s basically the bomb. In my job, I get to blog in a field I love and am constantly learning about and I get paid for sweet.

I wasn’t discovered or anything…I feel like the stars just aligned in my favor. I also work damn hard…and you know…that helps the stars out a bit.

I have a lot of stressors as well. I’m getting married in 6 weeks, my fiance and I just moved into an expensive AF apartment because we don’t know the meaning of words like “compromise” and “rush hour”, and of course…our jobs, which as much as we love can be stressful.

Whoever said that thing about doing what you love makes you feel like you haven’t worked a day in your life has misled an entire generation. He/she is probably all like #sorrynotsorry

But more about me: I love entertaining, making stuff, acting blasé (because ain’t nobody got time for bs) and writing. I also love my oxford commas, run-on sentences and hate proofreading (that’s where you come in!)

So dear reader….I super care about this blog and all opinions are my own and all that mambo jumbo…but know that I’m not perfect. I will mess up, I will get stressed and I will insult you. Take it with a grain of salt and just leave me a comment, my Spam filter will get it and delete it…but you know…if it helps you feel better, I encourage it.

This blog is supposed to be fun, freeing and for me & my sanity. I refuse to be politically correct, affected by comments or anything else.  Know that I’m hitting “publish” with my heart in my throat and in hopes that only a psychologist reads this and tells me I’m clinically ________ (add made up guess of a disease there.)

The truth? Yes, I speak it. It’s important to remember that I do what I want readers, I write without filters and although my version of events will always be better than yours, it doesn’t mean that I’m lying (awesome…remember?)

In this world of “think before you write” I simply write. I do a lot of “holding back” at work and don’t plan to do the same with my blog.

Lawyers? Yeah I might need them if this blog ever gets more than one view (hi mom!) so hit me up if you’d like to do things pro bono (apartment..remember?)

Take away: ” Keep the change you filthy animal ” – Home Alone (the OG) 



21 thoughts on “Being Real AF

  1. I had fun reading your first post.Seems the start of amazing things to come so this is me clicking the follow button.More power to your blog.

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  2. I liked your post. The truth is I clicked your site because you liked my post, and I’m not disappointed. It’s a good thing you’re writing your heart out. I’m a psychologist btw, and let me tell you that what you’re doing is actually healthy. I hope to continue reading your posts, since (I don’t know) I kinda liked your attitude.

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    1. Aww andgb93 you’re the best! I actually studied psychology for 3 years with a heavy influence on abnormal psychology. So I have a special place in my heart for the science and I’m super excited to hear you enjoyed my posts. I do hope you get a little something out out my other ones 🙂 thanka for stopping by!


  3. Alright, seriously. When did you record my inner voice?? I had a good laugh, and have said many of the same sentiments! Life’s too short to beat around the bush, so go for it! 🙂

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