Hey guys!

Omg…I was just looking at my blog stats and I had 4 views yesterday (up from 3 views).

I know it’s kind of extremely early to say this but ..thank you ! I just started this blog , and I’m keeping it hush hush from the family and friends , and already I’ve had 4 views?!

I’m extremely excited. I’m excited that there are at least 4 people that stumbled onto my little crazy bubble and decided to stay a while…so really guys…thank you.  I’m hoping that my writing is interesting and exciting and hopefully, you guys will bear with me as I transition from fiance to wifey..but let’s say I go big (like 10 views) , I’ll always remember the little views that got me here. So gracias..and like..no pressure, right?

Ha ha.
As always. ..

kiss kiss



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