I Broke Up With My Lazy Good-For-Nothing Self (Part 1)


Nodding my head to a little bit of Marc Anthony’s “Vivir La Vida” I finally sit down with my favorite writers of Meetup, a group called “Shut Up, Sit Down and Write.” I open a laptop that has done nothing but collect dust for the last two weeks and stare at a New Post blank screen.

“I’m going to do it” is something I have said to myself every day since I got back.”Today is the day I finally sit back down to write”

Well, as my neglected blog knows, that has not happened.

Hey Ladies!!

I have missed you! I confess I returned from Cuba forever ago (about 2 weeks) and haven’t been able to fall back into my routine. Arg, me.

Why? You may ask? Well, a huge combination of things. I feel as if my week being sick right before I left and my week during Cuba was horrible for my routine but ultimately my biggest excuse is my day work.

As some of you may know, I am a Social Media/Marketing specialist. I know things. I handle social media accounts, build strategies, come up with ideas, write blog posts and evaluate stats. Oh, and I create social media images…like a gazillion of them. It’s exhausting but on top of that, I have these damn #goals for myself. Overachiever? No, its more like under-stressed-must-add-more syndrome.

Y’all, I really have missed you. Every day I look at my laptop from across the room and the song “Hello” plays in my head, just long enough for me to turn around and watch T.V.

Truth? I have been little miss lazy pile of bones these last 2 weeks. But I have a TON of updates for you and I am very excited (and happy to say) that I am breaking up with my lazy self.

I should probably pay some bills now, huh?  Maybe later.

Hey, I said I broke up with lazy me, not procrastinator me.

You want to hear a funny story? So, I have not stopped thinking about writing since I stopped. I even took a notebook with me to write ideas that came to me on the plane ride to Cuba (why do I always think that’s a good idea? I just slept.)

So onto the story, the other day I was driving, of all things, and I was thinking about myself literally writing and my hands moving over the keys as I typed and I swear, it got a little steamy in my head. I started to think “you know you’re a writer when you think of typed out words as a sexy time activity.” and I laughed so hard…by myself..in my car..at a stoplight…which would be embarrassing in the 1990s but is just fine today because everyone is just staring at their phones anyways.

So, yeah, sorry if that got weird. I hope we’re still cool. But if it did get weird, I can def. tone it down..when I’m dead (it’s a joke, meant to be funny…I hope we’re still besties.)

So I definitely want us to continue this conversation but I fear this post has already gone on forever and I care about your time. If you want to continue hanging out with me and reading all about mi semana en la Havana (my week in Havana) then you’re in luck because part 2 is going to be all about that…when I write it tomorrow.

If not, how has your week been? Good or bad, rant it out in the comments below. Slay it girl.

I love y’all and I hope to see you for part 2!




Craziness over here

Ok guys. So I have been super AWOL. I have a legit excuse, I swear. 

So here’s the delio. My husband and I have been trying to go to Cuba since June. We haven’t been able to find any flights and it has been crazy. Then this Monday we get a call from the travel agency we used and we got a flight…that leaves four days later. So much crap happened guys. I can’t even. We literally just got our physical tickets today….the day we board. 

It was just ridiculous and we’ve been going this entire week around getting gifts for all my family in cuba and basically it’s been getting up, making LOTS of coffee, working on everything I need for work for the week I’m gone, coming home to feed our dog, and take care of bills and stuff. Shop for things to cuba…pack and sleep. It’s been so exhausting but hey…we made it. 

I’m writing this post from LAX as we board our 1st flight. I won’t have any internet in cuba and look forward to taking a break. I can’t wait to share with you some awesome stuff when I return. Hope you have a very exciting next week as well. 

See you when we get back!

Why I Will Never Be Happy Working At My Dream Job

Why I Will Never Be Happy Working At My Dream Job

why I will never be happy.png

Hello LadyBosses,

Um…audience…a word(s). 

As much as I ADORE the person who started Nasty Gal and her amazing book #girlboss…I cannot, in good conscience, say I’m ok with that word or hashtag. All I am saying is that if it had been a man who wrote that, it would’ve just said #boss. No one says #boyboss or even #manboss and we ladies cannot accept that. Now, let’s away with (yes, that is a phrase I am coining…deal with it) “girl boss” and move right along to “ladyboss” because we are a damn classy people and we deserve it.

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Hey ladies! 

You may have noticed that I havent been blogging lately. I wanted to give you a quick update. The last 3 days I’ve been super sick and I haven’t been able to blog at all. I will be back on Monday to get back on track as I’ve started to feel a million times better. 

See you soon! 

Big Idea Monday Roundups

big idea monday.png

Hello ladies!

Are you ready to have a fantastic Monday? I have gathered some of my most favorite blog posts here on the blog for you to take a look at. You don’t have to read them all, check out the ones that get your attention & really do something with it.

How To Find Your Passion:


The Most Important Thing To Do When Setting Goals

The most Thing to do when setting


outside the box


Copy of ups and downs



do what you love

I really hope one of these articles is going to help you reach that next step in your business journey but if none of these work for you, i’ve written over 80 blog posts on how to have an amazing business. Check them out,

Remember Ladies, you’ve got this!


Workshop Fridays- How To Create A Stand Out Title

eye catching titles.png

Hello Ladies!

With Friday here, I wanted to share the love and feature a blogger’s awesome article on title writing.

Do you have any tips for creating eye-catching titles?

For me, one of the easiest parts of writing is coming up with titles for my work. More often than not, I just go with my gut and the phrase sticks. But sometimes, picking a title is really hard. For instance, my Elves series is simply called “Elves” because I haven’t come up with something […]

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Update Thursday- Slow Week

me-retreat (1).png

Hello ladies!

I’m back with some updates this Thursday. It’s crazy to think this week has gone by kinda fast. So if you’re new to the blog, I write about my updates on a weekly basis and it basically covers things I’ve failed at, things I’ve accomplished and a book or books i’m reading in the hopes that it may inspire you to start your own journey.


  • The Ladyboss Blogging Mastermind Facebook Group has been doing well. We have 6 active members (which is great, I was only shooting for 5 because Masterminds shouldn’t be too big)
  • Set a date to get my mentorship started with my new mentor (so excited!!)
  • Finally have made a huge amount of progress on my website (all by myself thank you very much)
  • Made some great lady connections that will be awesome when I start my podcasts, they have already agreed to be on the show as guests.


  • Haven’t written my book
  • Have been waking up late
  • haven’t been strict with my veganism

Books I’ve read this week:

  • Harry Potter and The Cursed Child ( I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, but if you have read this book..omg..so much to say. Let’s discuss)
  • Think and Grow Rich (again)

What about you? How has your week been?

Knowledge Wednesdays- Me-Retreats


Knowledge Wednesdays- Me-Retreats

Do you ladies ever feel as if things are moving just SOOOO slowly? I feel like someone who has given notice at her job and is just waiting out the 2 weeks. I’m going to Cuba in the next month or so and it feels just crazy here, in my head and everywhere. I feel as if I have a whole lot of “life” happening, but not the things I need happening in my business because i’m almost on “vacation” mode.

I haven’t finished my book, I haven’t finished my website, I haven’t let myself allow new clients into my life, I didn’t meet my goal of getting 20 new members in the Ladyboss Blogging mastermind and I just feel like a ton of weight is on me.

The hubby and I are financially not so great (the usual stuff – we’re in debt, although much better than most.)

Ladies, I knew going in when I set out to plant little seeds so that all these trees would grow into an empire  that I was taking on a ton…I full heartedly knew that, but I was so willing to do so. Now I feel like my focus has shifted or needs to shift to the things at hand and I feel torn about that. I feel torn between preparing for our Cuba trip and preparing my site (which I did manage to work on for several hours yesterday)

I was talking to my husband the other day about how overwhelmed I was feeling just with life. I feel like this upcoming vacation is part of that feeling because I feel almost like I can’t do anything until after Cuba. So I made myself and him a promise that when we came back and after a family obligation we got going on, I am going to re-shift and re-focus on my business with a mad desire to succeed.

If other’s looked at me working and called me crazy…I would be so happy.

I told him, no more vacations (for just a while), no throwing parties if we can help it (I will always invest in a good party if I can make great friendships or connections..so..there’s that) and most importantly, I’m taking a me-retreat.

This is super difficult for me, I’m a super wuss. I don’t like sleeping alone and specially without my husband. But I sat there and I was just thinking…I NEED this. My business is like a baby right now and it needs me to focus and give it a ton of attention. Most importantly I need to do this for myself and my sanity. I need to sacrifice one weekend with my husband because this weekend can change everything in my business.I’m talking  literally going away to a hotel somewhere (#roadtrip with myself!) no distractions, no laundry, no cooking, no pets to take care of….just me, my laptop, my phone & and a whole lot of action.

Typical blogger that I am…I will most definitely be documenting everything. I have a plan Stan, and I’m sticking to it. I can’t wait to tell you ladies more as this story “develops” .

Have you ever thought about a single weekend away for the purpose of following or working on your passion?

Tipsy Tuesday- How To Have An Unpopular Opinion

I was going through my morning Reader here and I saw this blog by a friend of mine. Check it out, it’s not just entertaining to read but also very true. As a women in your 20’s one of the first and crucial things to learn is how to form an unpopular opinion and really be ok with it.

This is crucial if you want to become a business women, but it is incredibly important in all aspects of life.

When you’re a child and under the care of your parents or another guardian, you don’t really have an opinion on most things. Sure, kids like and don’t like things, but often their minds change over time–most of us remember hating broccoli as kids, but now have no problem with it (or even like it) in our […]

via How To: Have an Unpopular Opinion — How To Twenties

What do you think? Have you learned how to form an unpopular opinion?